SmartMatch Technology

WHY IT WORKS - 40+ year programmer

Experience is not only important in finding the right candidates who are both capable and committed, but we have Brian Hale, a 40+year computer programmer building our own proprietary software that drives our SmartMatch Technology.

With this new technology installed on, Employers can now login for full access to all our pre-qualified candidates with the ability to view their applications and contact them and even keep notes on your interview.  There is no limit to the number of candidates that you can interview and you are only limited to hiring the number of positions you paid for. 

We represent the hard working men and women in the field who have struggled for years to find quality American labor. We are pledged to solve this issue, and we know it won't be solved in the first year, but we are committed to the long haul to help our Custom Harvesters.

We advertise, recruit, pre-screen and recommend top applicants for your open positions. You interview, negotiate and do the hiring.

Our Enrollment Fee of $700 covers an abundance of benefits and allows you to fill positions at $500 each with our replacement guarantee.

We understand that you need to keep your positions filled so we are willing to send you up to 2 replacements during your season. Once a position comes open, the computer will suggest new qualified candidates automatically. UPDATE : Due to Covid-19, we are extending this to unlimited replacements at no additional charge.

There are several ways to get started;
1. You may enroll using the online form below
2. Call 940-386-1806 / 940-224-6315 / 940-224-6211 / 308-220-8262
3. You may use the enrollment form found in your printed packet

This first year we are limiting each employer to pre-paying or reserving 5 to start off with. If all our other employer's positions are filled, and you need more, we will allow you to request more than 5. Each position will remain the same price with the same replacement guarantee.

Yes, we help recommend top applicants to you based on your requirements, seasonal or full time. The only difference is that our Replacement Guarantee only applies to seasonal positions but the price remains at $500 per hire in this case.

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