WHY IT WORKS - proper screening is a must

We go the extra mile to thoroughly screen every applicant, because it is in our best interest to ensure maximum compatibility with your operation.

   * Personal Phone Call Interviews

   * Past Work References will be checked 

   * Local, State and Federal Background Screening

   * Social Media Background Review

   * Employee Accountability Reporting System

Yes, we speak with each candidate personally to pre-determine their desire and qualifications before they make it into our pool of available hires.

Not only do we call each applicant, but we also run a national background screening, take a look into social media accounts and check references.

We advise each candidate that they may be asked to pass a drug test, however, we do not facilitate one.

Upon release of an employee, we give you the opportunity to rate their work habits for future seasons.

Yes, we have included a white, grey, black list system

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