Aggressive National Advertising

WHY IT WORKS - Reach is Critical

You can have the best product in the world, but if your message doesn't reach anyone, you will not be very successful.

We've been in the business of advertising since the 1970's, so we clearly understand the importance of investing in various media to best get your message out. We use a wide variety of both paid and free advertising that is now available to us in the internet age. 

This is only a partial list of the many places we advertise for both applicants looking for a job and employers looking for help.

* Harvest USA Radio Network (24 stations in 9 states)

* Spreaker On-Demand Podcast Network

* 24/7 AirTime Pro Streaming Ag Radio Station

* Streaming and On-Demand on

* (our own agricultural search engine)

* Social Media - Facebook Jobs, Twitter, LinkedIn

* Harvest News (Monthly USCHI Publication)

* Google and Tumblr Blogs

* Craigslist and other bulletin boards

* Ag Colleges and Universities

* FFA and other Ag Associations

If you have an idea for helping us get the word out, let Brian know (

The more exposure we generate, the better chance there is to create that perfect match between employer and employee.