A Lifetime of Agricultural EXPERIENCE

WHY IT WORKS - Experience Matters

Experience is not only important in finding the right candidates who are both capable and committed, but also in knowing the ins and outs of all the various forms of advertising. We have a lot of experience on our side with the Hale family and the resources they bring from their three businesses; Hale Broadcasting (Radio and Podcast Networks), Hale Multimedia (Websites, Social Media, Print), and AgSearch.us (Ag Search Engine).

Howard Hale is a big part of our success due to his incredible radio network that has been broadcating his three feature programs, including the Harvest USA Report since 1994. In 2013, the U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc inducted Howard into their Hall of Fame for his many years of harvest reports and faithful support of the organization. To this day, Howard is still producing multiple radio reports every day. Visit his studio at https://halebroadcasting.com.

Since joining forces in 1998, Howard has shared his Radio time with son Brian Hale and his wife Andi for many of their agricultural projects like AgMarketOnline, AgSearch and now HarvestJobs.  This gesture equates to exposure on 20+ of the best rural radio stations every single weekday throughout Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico.

* Howard Hale, Member, National Assocation of Farm Broadcasting

* Howard Hale, Panhandle Agriculture Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

* Howard Hale, 2013 U.S.C.H.I. Hall of Fame Inductee

We believe that those who have worked the harvest have a better understanding of the committment it takes to do the job. We also understand that filtering and screening hundreds of applicants to find the best candidate for you takes alot of time and skill.  Our goal is to improve the integrity and stability of the American Farm Labor pool to a point where we no longer have to rely on government programs.

Not only do we have lifetime of agricultural experience with Howard Hale, and a passion based on personal experiences, but we also have Brian Hale, a 40+year computer programmer building our own proprietary software that will drive our SmartMatch Technology.

Howard and Brian have attended several Conventions over the years and we've all been listening to the Custom Harvesters talk on the Harvest Report for many years. We've been listening to your concerns for a long time. Now that we are able to do something, experience is definitely on our side!