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HarvestJobs Program Highlights

* Annual Enrollment Fee : $700

* Flat $500 rate per position per season

* No government paperwork or requirements

* Free Replacement Program

When you enroll in HarvestJobs, you are employing a team of professionals that were deeply enough concerned with this labor crisis to quit what we were all doing to start this service. Our passion to help the harvesters is hard to hide. We understand who feeds the world.

HarvestJobs also comes with an Employer Portal (Back Office) where you will be able to define the requirements on your positions needing filled, browse through applicants, contact top qualified candidates, rate last year's placements, request more positions and more.

Once you define your job requirements, we will immediately display at least three top candidates available to you. You will then be able to interview and take notes on each candidate. You are never limited to any number of total candidates viewed or interviewed, and you will even be able to view candidates that do not meet your requirements as originally prescribed.

Once top candidates are recommended to you, it is your (the employer) responsibility to interview, negotiate with and make all travel and hiring decisions.  Our responsibility is to keep as many pre-qualified prospects in front of you as possible.

We employ a vigorous applicant screening process to ensure the best quality candidates;

                * We advertise nationally for U.S. Citizens willing to work long hard hours

                     * We pre-screen each candidate to determine general qualification         

                * We run a national screening which checks work history and social media accounts

                * We ask for a committment to work hard and finish strong

                * We advise them of our Whitelist/Greylist/Blacklist Employee Rating System

Once applicants make it into our pool of top qualified candidates, they are made available to you in your Back Office. That login is located at

We advertise, recruit, screen and recommend top applicants for your open positions. You interview, negotiate and do the hiring.

Our Enrollment Fee of $700 covers an abundance of benefits and allows you to fill positions at $500 each with our replacement guarantee.

We understand that you need to keep your positions filled so we are willing to send you up to 2 replacements during your season.
Once a position comes open, the computer will suggest new qualified candidates automatically.

There are several ways to get started;
1. You may enroll using the online form below
2. Call any one of us 580-713-3480 / 940-386-1806 / 940-224-6315 / 940-224-6211 / 308-220-8262
3. You may use the enrollment form found in your printed packet

This first year we are limiting each employer to pre-paying or reserving 5 to start off with.
If all our other employer's positions are filled, and you need more, we will allow you to request more than 5.
Each position will remain the same price with the same replacement guarantee.

Yes, we help recommend top applicants to you based on your requirements, seasonal or full time.
The only difference is that our Replacement Guarantee only applies to seasonal positions but the price remains at $500 per hire in this case.

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